The Intent, Implementation and Impact of History and Geography at Victoria School



At Victoria School we aim to inspire pupil’s curiosity to know more about the past and the world around them: locally and globally. Our intent is to provide children with a sense of belonging and an understanding of how our actions, have and continue to affect the world around us. We teach the children Early Learning Goal and Key Stage specific skills, which are mapped out to ensure coverage from 2-11 years. Opportunities and experiences provide accessibly for all children to be engaged and inspired by our past and present world.



History and Geography is directly linked to the Power of Reading texts. This gives the learning a purpose and inspires curiosity from the children. This cross-curricular approach enables further opportunities to develop their writing and mathematical skills, alongside other curriculum areas such as Art and Design, Design Technology, Computing and Global Learning where appropriate.

In EYFS, they develop their compassion for the environment and love for the world in preparation for their Key Stage 1 and 2 learning journey. Using the ‘Understanding the World’ Early Learning Goal children are taught to question aspects of their familiar world as well as show care and concern for their immediate environment and further afield. They encouraged to talk about past and present events in their own lives and look closely at similarities and differences creating a bedrock for their chronological understanding. Objectives are mapped out from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to ensure that all children progress through the intended skills to prepare them for the future.

History topics are taught chronologically and cover a wide range of topics including toy comparisons in KS1 to Roman study in KS2. In addition to chronological teaching the children have the opportunity to learn about wider world events including Black History Month annually, an Ancient Greek study to coincide with the Olympics and one-off events such as the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

Geography topics are taught to include both human and physical geography through local and global examples from EYFS, KS1 and KS2. This includes country studies, map skills and natural phenomenon such as Earthquakes.

Skills from both subjects may be revisited to embed their knowledge and understanding and allow for a progression of skills. Children are engaged in their learning through experiential opportunities such as educational visits or visitors, resource boxes from Tullie House or CDEC. They also enjoy using technology, when relevant, to enhance and enable their learning.

Learning is assessed through marking grids which highlight achieved areas and areas for development. These are attached to topic books so children are aware and can be reflective of their work and achievements.

All History and Geography is planned and delivered effectively with a wide range of teaching styles to ensure all children, including SENDs are able to access the full curriculum entitlement.



Children at Victoria School have an understanding of the wider world and local area as well as the past and present day in Britain, around the world and significant historical people. They are equipped with geographical and historical skills which enable them to progress through their future learning journey in these subjects. Children also develop a chronological understanding of key historical events. Children develop the ability to critically question the past and ensure for a sustainable future. All the while, building on their curiosity and love for learning.