The Intent, Implementation and Impact of Art / Design and Music at Victoria School


At Victoria School, we aim to create a learning culture that encourages and promotes raising standards of achievement and aspirations through our Art and Design curriculum.   

We are determined to provide a wide variety of experiences for all, to allow children to develop confidence and build on their strengths and to provide quality provision, both in house and through partnership with authentic arts providers across a range of disciplines or by transporting children to experience activities and venues.

We aim for our curriculum to engage, inspire, encourage participation and immerse pupils in all creative arts. Design and Music opportunities, developing skill, allowing creativity. Sharing, celebrating and showcasing effort and achievement. Most importantly we hope children are enriched by their experiences and surroundings. The Arts allow children to shine, enjoy, explore and are accessible to those who demonstrate greater skills in The Arts which support their academic progress. We aim to instil a love of the arts and culture which will stay with them throughout life.

Our teaching enables children to:

  • Explore and develop their ideas, produce creative work and record their experiences across the art spectrum.
  • Become increasingly proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
  • Be able to evaluate and analyse their own work, the work of their peers and professional artists using appropriate language.
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of–colour, pattern, line, tone, shape, form and space
  • Be increasingly aware of the role and purpose of artists, craftspeople, architects and designers in different times and cultures.


Our school aims to develop key skills and techniques in art and design from the Early Years up to Year 6. We begin by teaching the children to use simple tools and techniques competently, appropriately and effectively in the Early Years and build on these skills throughout their education. We aim to develop the children’s skills and techniques in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and digital media. All teachers deliver a creative curriculum planned through the Power of Reading texts to inspire and excite learning.  Great artists studied link to these topics.

Our school displays both inside and outside the building reflect our dedication to art and a celebration of the work of the children in the form of both permanent art as well as a continually changing display of art works. Our artwork is also on semi-permanent display in our local bus station following a project in conjunction with Stagecoach.

Additionally, we have established links with authentic artistic providers which lead to annual whole school, child led initiatives that often stretch across a variety of genres.

Examples include,

  • Drumming workshops for the Early Years/KS1 (Music)
  • Puppet workshops for the Early Years/KS1 (Art and Design, story creation)
  • BBC10 Firebird stimulus (Y3-6) (music) involved art and design, craft (banner making and puppetry), physical drama, story creation and narration, composing (music).
  • Olympics stimulus (Y3-6): storytelling, design and creation of chariots, pottery and poetry recitals.
  • Migration stimulus (Y3-6) involved story creation and drama using art coupled with green screen technology to create class films followed by an Oscars Ceremony to celebrate successes.

Music is taught by a Specialist Music teacher. 

Every child has a 35min weekly music lesson.

The program of study follows the national curriculum for music and we access Charanga music to enhance the provision.

The lessons deliver focus simple rhythm and notation using tuned and unturned musical instruments. Each year group is taught a specific instrument

Y3/4 decant recorder and brass

Y5/6 Ukuleles and brass.

Pupils have access to a weekly instrument lesson delivered by specialist music teacher for the County Music Service.

We use technology iPads to enhance music learning using Garage and this allows pupils to be creative and make up their own music. To layer tracks and develop composition.

Pupils are given the opportunity to be involved in Choirs and through dance in musical events in the local and wider community. Every pupils has the opportunity to perform on stage in our local Carnegie Theatre twice a year in our annual production and in the Local churches to celebrate religious events.

Pupils attend the Young Voices every year and engage in any online Singing Event.

Teachers are expected to become involved in the part of the music learning of their class and offer support to practice and improve the presentations.



The skills acquired through our arts provision feeds into their learning in other areas of the curriculum, as well as building self-esteem, confidence and a “have a go” attitude.

Children use sketchbooks throughout their time at school to develop knowledge and skills through a progressive process. This allows them to develop skills of experimenting with different ideas and techniques and evaluating their own work, with the opportunity to revisit their ideas.

Our commitment to the arts and cultural education has been recognised by Arts Council England who awarded us the Gold standard in 2019, one of only 7 in the county.

At Victoria School, we hope that our arts provision will have far reaching implications that will benefit our children as they become adults as well as society itself. The Centre for Education Research and Practice indicates that:

“Children need a broad education that includes the arts, and the continued development of our society depends upon a creative education”.

This premise lies at the heart of what we hope to achieve at Victoria School.