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Cultural Capital, Curriculum Enrichment and Curriculum Entitlement

Victoria School serves a community in which we have a significant number of pupils who are, for many reasons, unable to access wider opportunities which would provide the life skills they need to shape their future and therefore classed as disadvantaged, in relation to many of their peers.

Our school has an embedded culture of enhancing the learning of our pupils with real life, purposeful experiences that develop skills and strengthen the knowledge needed for a successful future. Over the years we have provided a Curriculum Entitlement, Curriculum Enrichment which is now Cultural Capital.

As a school one of our strengths is that we have created an ethos and culture that is now so embedded it has become an expected and accepted part of our extended learning opportunities. This has only been achieved through a developed and continued culture of,

“This is what Victoria School can offer you.”


Every child who attends Victoria, from 2-11, is offered learning opportunities, beyond the classroom, that aims to extend their learning and skills for life. These are planned in order to have a powerful positive impact on the social, personal and emotional development as learners. We recognise that learning beyond the classroom adds value to pupil’s academic and personal development.

Our Cultural Capital reflects Equality as we grow more culturally diverse, we aim to ensure that all our pupils benefit equally from our provision, whilst taking into account Equity and recognise that we can only achieve equality by taking into account the different needs of children and their Protected Characteristics.

It is important that our pupils feel that they have equal access to our curriculum enrichment and gain an understanding of the world they are growing up in learning to live alongside and show respect for a diverse range of people.

Victoria School makes a significant financial commitment in order to enhance the Cultural Capital and this include funding for all pupils to receive a Free Breakfast on arrival at school and in Nursery and KS1 are part of the free breakfast and free fruit scheme.



Preparing our pupils for the technological world in which we live. It has been recognised for many years, and still is, that many of our pupils do/did not have access to technology that would support the development of technological skills needed for future life. We made a financial commitment, long before many schools, to provide every pupil with a personal iPad to support their learning and this has been sustained

Access to quality technology in the classroom for both staff and pupils is evident and provided for all pupils from 2-11. The curriculum provided is enhanced in KS2 having a dedicated technology classroom.



Robot Club:

Pupils have access to programing and can join an afterschool “Robot Club” and become Roboteers who annually take part in the National Lego League competition where they design and program robots to perform specific moves. All staff are secure in the use of technology and continuous CDP ensures that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make learning more purposeful and exciting for our pupils during their learning. This will continue as we work towards becoming an Apple School giving staff increased skills and knowledge in order to improve pupil feedback and make the use of technology increasingly engaging and exciting.



Lunchtime Radio Presenters:

Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to learn how to run the radio station. Pupils take it in turn if they show an interest in learning how to run a radio station.



Music and Dance:

Music and Dance are recognised to support mental health - Music and dance is a strength of the school’s curriculum and has always played a large part in the life of Victoria School and we have been lucky to have had staff fully qualified to provide an exciting and extended music curriculum. All pupils are given the opportunity to experience live theatre events and perform in front of an audience. All pupils from Reception to Y6 are given the opportunity to perform in the Carnegie Theatre for all key stages and parents invited to attend. Annually pupils perform in the National U Dance and KS2 in Young Voices in Manchester. Talent shows are held in the Infants and Juniors and allows pupils to show their personal skills and talents. This allows pupils to play the instruments they are learning in school or at home. Victoria has three choirs KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 pupils perform annually in two local music festivals and throughout the year in the community. The choirs perform in church and care homes and the more experienced pupils perform annually with a local adult choir, for a fundraising cause. Every pupils is involved in the Church Celebration performances, Harvest, Christmas, Easter and leavers service. Every pupil has a time-tabled music lesson and an opportunity sing and to learn to play an instrument. Y3 recorders, Y4 Keyboards, Y5 Guitars and Y6 Ukuleles. Whilst all pupils are given an initial opportunity we recognise that some pupils take an increased interest and they are offered personal lessons. Pupils come together to sing and learn songs linked to current events and topics. The school has made an additional financial commitment to engage professional musicians to deliver these learning opportunities. KS2 offers a weekly “Performing Arts” after school club which is very popular.




Dance has played a significant part in the life of our pupils and is extended from the curriculum into our annual performances. Pupils include dance in their Theatre performances and annually are given the opportunity to take part in the National U Dance event.

The school is registered with the U Dance organisation the annual U Dance event bringing together up to 12 school. At this event pupils meet other pupils interested in dance from KS1 to KS3. The talents of our pupils are celebrated on our website in the weekly newsletters and through Dojo.



Physical Education:

Physical Education supports our Health program that focuses on fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. At Victoria school we acknowledge the cost and commitment given by many families to the involvement of their child in sporting activities and how families unable to make this commitment are disadvantaged. It is because to this that we offer all our pupils what we call “An Active Curriculum” meaning that we encourage our pupils to be as active as possible throughout the day. Along with their daily lessons they are offered · Inter-school competitions. · Multi-skills afterschool · Girls Football, Boys football, hockey tennis cross-county · Swimming for Y2 and Y6 · EYFS bike-ability and balance bikes · Gymnastics · Yoga. All after-school clubs, other than the football are offered fully funded by the school in-order to ensure that all pupils have equal access. Pupils on early help plans are encouraged to take part and parents supported to ensure attendance. KS1 and KS2 both phases have Sports Leaders who organise the activities for the outdoor playtime activities. Pupils take part in inter-school competitions in order to strengthen partnerships with local schools



Community links:

Visits and visitors extend the learning of our pupils and enhance the curriculum. Visits to local shops, gymnasiums, wildlife parks and the beach enhance young knowledge and skills. Fire-Fighters, Police, PCSO, Den building, Celebrations and Festivals are celebrated. Links with the church visiting Rev to lead the assemblies visiting and celebrating religious festival all serve to enhance and deepen pupils understanding of the world around them. Curriculum learning is enhanced through arranged visits and designated subject weeks; Science week, Sports week. History links are made with local museums and partnerships and projects undertaken with artists and performers. After school sport activities are provided by specialist PE coaches who are based in the community.



Student Leaders and School Council

Every class has a chosen class representative who take part in activities that support school interests and improvements.



Mini Police

During the end of Year 5 interested pupils make a written application to become a Mini Police Officer. The Local PCSO go through the applications and pupils are chosen to become a mini police officer for the duration of Year 6. During the year they work with the PCSO to deliver Safety messages to pupils in the school and feeder Infant schools. The attend community events such marching in the Remembrance Parade ( all our pupils are invited to march in the parade and represent the wreath laying at the cenotaph) They visit all the local care homes, making gifts and singing.



Science and Engineering Links:

Annually we enter the “If I were an engineer” project and pupils show their creativity in their designs to change the way we live in the future.




Pupils link with local gardeners and in doing so create the gardens in the school grounds growing flowers and vegetables.



Bright Stars Project:

has engaged the schools in community industry links that have focused on recycling, bees and mini beasts’ habitats. From these we have raised money through our enterprise focus.



Social Emotional and Cultural:

Visitors can have a significant role to play in enhancing our PHSE curriculum and when we use these effectively can really enhance learning.



Curriculum Visitors:

Visitors are mapped into the curriculum to enhance the children’s knowledge and skills in their learning, they include; Fire fighters, Police, PCSO, Visits to wildlife park, visit to the beach and a farm. Den building, Celebrations and Festivals.



Church Links:

We have strong links with St Michaels Church and the Minister is timetabled into assemblies.



Mini Medics:

All Year 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, gain their Mini Medic certificates and these are updated annually



Residential and School Curriculum linked visits:

Residential and school day trips allow our pupils to make and strengthen friendships, improve teamwork, communicate more effectively and enhance their social skills. Whilst we recognise the social value of residential and school visits we also offer these opportunities to enhance the curriculum learning and allows our pupils to appreciate their learning from a different and more active perspective. Curriculum planning includes, whenever possible and relevant a wide range of opportunities to visit the local area, shops, museums, etc to enhance and reinforce learning.



Annual residential:

Y2 Kingswood

Y3 Kingswood (this is an outward bound residential and is a joint residential with Y2 to begin the transition process)

Y4 Castle-head (this is an outward bound residential)

Y5 York

Y6 London (this focuses on British Values, Meeting the local MP, visiting the House of Parliament, Tower of London and West Minster Abbey)



Curriculum Events:

Victoria School offers activities that complement the regular curriculum. These are offered in-order to make teaching and learning interesting experiences. These are planned to reflect the curriculum plans and can vary to make the learning enriched.



After school learning opportunities:

All pupils have access to a range of out of school learning opportunities. We promote community activities that pupils can join and celebrate the success of our pupils if they are members of external clubs.