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E Safety Tip of The Week


Welcome to our E Safety Tip of The Week Page. Each week during the school term we will provide you with some useful hints, tips, guides and fact sheets that you as parents and carers will be able to use to help keep your child safe whilst online. All of our information will be taken from the National Online Safety (NOS) website and put into one place for you to access. However if you feel like you would like to find out more about online safety we recommend visiting their website or the Internet Matters website where you can access to a vast amount of information to help keep your children safe online. 

This week's free online safety guide focuses on TextMe

TextMe is a free texting and calling service. Users can send texts, voice messages, pictures and videos to any phone number in more than 40 countries. The app is free and available to install on any Apple or Android device. On registration, it assigns a ‘new’ mobile number to each user, effectively making them anonymous. TextMe is recommended for people above 10 years old, but there is currently no way to determine a user’s actual age: children under 10 could easily bypass this age criteria, since no verification is required to download the app.

In the guide, you'll find tips on a number of potential risks such as predators, visible location and in-app purchases.

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