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Islay Place

Workington, Cumbria, CA14 3XB

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Learning Behaviours



Absorption - being absorbed in learning, completely focused and attentive.

Managing Distractions - recognising and reducing distractions to make own 'best' learning environment.

Noticing - noticing important or significant details to succeed in your learning.

Persevering - trying different methods or strategies, keeping going and not giving up.



Revising - being flexible, changing plans when needed, monitoring and reviewing.

Meta-Learning - knowing yourself as a learner, being able to talk about how you learn best.

Planning - thinking about: where you are going, the action you are going to take, time and resources, obstacles.

Distilling - knowing the essential features / information you need to complete a task.



Questioning - asking questions of yourself and others, being curious about the world around you.

Reasoning - being systematic, recognising errors and strengths to make sense of new concepts.

Imagining - using your imagination to understand new experiences and explore unfamiliar learning.

Capitalising - using people, books, the internet and your own experiences in your learning.

Making Links - making connections between what you know and your experiences to understand new ideas better.



Collaborating - respecting and recognising other viewpoints, adding to and drawing from the team's strengths.

Empathy and Listening - listen to others, understanding the viewpoints of others.

Imitating - adopt positive methods, habits or values from people around you.

Interdependence - knowing when to learn on your own or with others.