School Leaders




At Victoria Infant and Nursery School we aim to ensure that we nurture and provide opportunities for our pupils to develop leadership skills and play an active role in the school community to develop responsibility.


'Aspire to Lead, Aspire to Learn'


Pupils are given specific roles responsibilities to support their personal, social, emotional, physical and communication development.


Student leaders

Pupils have the opportunity to become student leaders. The student leaders are pupils who have been voted by their class to represent the thoughts, feelings and wishes for their class. The student leaders also work with the Governing body to share their ideas about what they like about school and what they would like to improve. The student leaders can be identified as they have a student leader fleece and badge.

 Playground Buddies

Pupils are also given the opportunity to be playground buddies. Their role is to ensure that the children play with the toys and activities properly.  They are responsible for keeping the toys tidy and keeping the play round safe. They also ensure that all the pupils are happy and have other pupils to play with.


 Sports Crew

Sports crew- the pupils wear caps so they can be identified. Their job is to raise the awareness of physical activities at playtimes and lunchtimes. They work with the Teaching Assistants to plan games and activities on the playground.


Pupil Midday Supervisors


We have pupils who help the Midday Supervisors to encourage the children to eat their lunch and praise pupils who have tried new food. The pupils help clean the plates and organise the cutlery and help any pupils at lunchtime.




 We are very proud of all our Student Leaders for being responsible with their roles and helping to make Victoria Infant and Nursery school the best that it can be.






Playground Buddies

Pupil Midday Supervisors