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Megan Rogers

Education Mental Health Practitioner

I am currently training at Northumbria University as an Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP).

This is a brand-new role, and I work for Barnardos as part of a newly formed Mental Health Support Team in Allerdale. I will be in your school on a Friday morning so will look forward to meeting you all and seeing you around!

EMHPs work in schools to support the mental wellbeing of children and young people. We help with things like worry, anxiety, self-esteem and low mood. I will be able to work with children individually and in groups, looking at the links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I will also support the school's approach to mental health and wellbeing, delivering school wide interventions, knowledge, and support.

If any parent feels their child may benefit from support from Megan, please contact school for further information.

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