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Building Learning Power (BLP)

"Building Powerful Learners"

What is Building Learning Power?


“It is all about how we can help young people become better learners, both in school and out.

It is about creating a culture in the classroom and the school more widely-that systematically cultivates

habits and attitudes that enable young people to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively”

Guy Claxton

At Victoria  School we are 'Building Powerful Learners'.  This is the bread and butter of our school, we don’t just say this we mean it. It represents and is at the center of

everything we do at our school. At Victoria School, we use Building Learning Power to develop our children into independent and lifelong learners. Our

children love to embrace a challenge and know a range of different stuck strategies. This includes the adults too! Our children know that even the teachers are still learning

every day and that in the future they will still be learning each day too.

Guy Claxton, who developed the Building Learning Power approach, suggests there are seventeen learning behaviours within four learning dispositions known as the 4 R's. 

At Victoria School, we are working to develop the four overriding learning behaviours (known as learning muscles) which have been identified within research as being

essential in supporting children to become better learners.


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